About Gilbert Tweed International

About Gilbert Tweed

Gilbert Tweed International Inc. is a global, retained executive search firm that was founded in the 1970s and, since its inception, has continued to provide clients with an innovative, creative and customized approach to executive search.  Women owned, the firm has headquarters in New York City and offices around the country as well as in France, India, and Brazil. Gilbert Tweed serves a broad range of clients—from start-up organizations to large global corporations, public and private and has an excellent track record of presenting diverse and inclusive candidate slates.

We attribute our success to valued long-term relationships and to the thoroughness, drive and consistency of our executive search professionals.  The following is an introduction to our firm and our capabilities.

Clear Understanding

Because the search professionals at Gilbert Tweed International are good listeners first, we won’t waste time later. We help you eliminate the risk of making the wrong hiring decision. We invest the time to understand your company, your values, your philosophy, your business. We ask questions. We develop a partnership with you. We make recommendations and work with you to clarify your objectives and specifications. We challenge you. We make you think. Together, we define your unique requirements and the critical factors necessary for success in your organization.

Over the years, the firm has conducted executive search assignments and established expertise in virtually every major industry and functional areas.  Additionally, we have specific industry practices in financial services, consumer/retail, industrial, information technology, energy, infrastructure, transportation, life sciences and legal services.

Straight Talk

Filling a key position requires focused research, an organized and systematic search, confidentiality, hard work, and a lot of straight talk. We learn what you want, and learn what prospective candidates want. We know how to talk to people, and we know how to talk business. We know the numbers. Our search process provides for ongoing communication with you throughout the engagement. We conduct formal status meetings with you and provide continual updates. The message is always clear and concise. The end result is the selection of a diverse, highly qualified, well documented and motivated slate of candidates.

Proven Solutions

In the search for executive talent there are no simple formulas. Research, determination and the expertise that comes with knowing provide access to those extraordinary achievers who are usually not active job seekers. These are the people we help you to attract. To assure a very high closure rate, we have developed three powerful programs: InSearch, ReloSearch and SpouseSearch. They enable us to assist in closing the search for you. Because we anticipate a candidate’s objections to relocation, we deal with them. We provide assistance, information, support and counsel to the entire family. We relieve the anxiety and ease the trauma associated with career relocation in the dual-income family. These programs deal with issues before they become obstacles.

Searches That Don’t Fail

We succeed because we are innovative, creative, tenacious and discreet. Our promise – A search that won’t fail. Gilbert Tweed has been delivering on this promise since the 1970s. As a result our growth has made us one of the nation’s leading executive search firms. And our clients come back.  Repeat business represents a significant percentage of our total billing. We know that an executive who thrives in one company may not necessarily thrive in another.  So, the candidates we present not only have the expertise and the experience you require, but also are compatible with the unique character of your organization. This understanding is our hallmark. The successful completion of a search is our reward.


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