Investor Relations

Mergers & Acquisitions

In recent years, investor scrutiny of corporations and their leaders has intensified, spurring demand for a new breed of Investor Relations professionals. In addition to having a strong grasp of corporate strategy, operations and competitive positioning issues, today’s top Investor Relations executives must have significant financial acumen and possess the high-level communications skills necessary to effectively represent their companies’ interests to stakeholders.

At Gilbert Tweed International, we have a proven ability to identify highly skilled, proactive IR executives across a range of industries and business environments that help their companies address and leverage current market opportunities and communicate with their unique markets and audiences.

Recognizing that IR needs can vary dramatically from one company to the next, we work closely with each client to develop a customized profile of their ideal candidate – one that considers the candidate’s education, professional background, accomplishments and work style, as well as the client’s corporate culture and industry outlook.

Our cross-industry and cross-functional expertise provides continuous involvement in the critical markets in which our clients operate. Perhaps more vital, we have regular interaction with our clients’ stakeholders, including influential business leaders, analysts and sell-side and buy-side professionals. This multi-level, multi-functional exposure gives us accurate insight into the perspectives of investors and potential investors, enhancing our ability to find and attract qualified IR candidates who reflect the unique business and cultural requirements of each client.


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