Karen L. DelPrete, Managing Partner – New York

Karen DelPrete

Karen DelPrete, Managing Partner of Gilbert Tweed International, and member of the Board of Directors, brings over 20 years of expertise as a search professional. As a member of the global Private Equity and Venture Capital Practice, she brings the highest level of senior management experience, strategic marketing, communications, and business development knowledge to this sector. Additionally, Karen heads up the firm’s Digital/Social Media Marketing practice.

Ms. DelPrete has developed an international reputation for assessing and developing executive talent and oversees the firm’s India offices.

Based in New York, she has partnered with clients globally to solve their strategic talent needs, bringing a deep understanding of the challenges facing today’s corporations.

Throughout her career, Karen has kept a special interest in CEO succession and next generation leaders – especially in diversity talent, women, as well as internationally experienced executives.

Ms. DelPrete displays ingenuity, creativity and integrity in all her work. Her intuitive understanding of search as it applies to the firm’s profitable growth, combined with her appreciation of the economic realities of the marketplace, enable her to deliver measurable results and has contributed to her reputation as one of the finest search consultants in the industry. She leverages her insight and years of experience to create service-intensive relationships.

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