Stephen Humphreys, Executive Director – New York

Stephan Humphreys

Stephen Humphreys, is recognized as an innovator in the field of executive search, leadership development, merger and acquisition selection and assessment of senior corporate officers. Mr. Humphreys draws on the impressive matrix of management, marketing, communications and interpersonal skills that led to his consistent record of achievement in the communications industry. During his communications career he was recognized for his ability to translate innovative concepts and sound strategic planning into practical tangible outcomes.

While taking on senior account management and new business development responsibility for leaders in the communications sector, he also developed a reputation for exceptional leadership ability and the ability to recognize, attract, and develop successful teams. Stephen is known for having personal interest in how leaders are developed and challenged to drive large complex and diversified international organizations.

Stephen began his career in communications with the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in New York, where he supervised a Division of the Ford Motor Company account. He then exercised his new business expertise for the twin giants of publishing Time Inc. and Washington Post/Newsweek.

Prior to working in senior marketing and communications management, Stephen served as a Congressional Assistant for a U.S. Congressman from New York City, and as a White House Aid to the Director of Communications during the Nixon Administration. At Gilbert Tweed International, Mr. Humphreys will head the Marketing and Communications practice.

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